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The cataloging rules and accompanying RDF model hotlinked below represent an attempt to realize and/or demonstrate what I thought I heard being described at the International Conference on the Principles & Future Development of AACR in Toronto in October, 1997, the meeting that launched the effort to design a replacement for AACR2. Perhaps those of us at the meeting were each feeling a different part of the elephant, as RDA does not resemble these cataloging rules in the least! Please send comments on these rules and on the model to: or post them at my blog.

CATALOGING RULES AND RDF MODEL by Martha M. Yee (latest draft, June 15, 2008):


Cat has two filing cabinet drawers, fish and pictures of fish

Drawing by Yeu-Wei Yee, made ca. 1980 after his wife had explained to him the difference between a topical subject heading and a genre/form heading.


Felix the Cat pacing

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