June 15 version:


Numbered sections of the Preface.


Moved definitions of FRBR entities out of section on identification and into general introduction for work and expression (1, 2).


0.9, broke out the various types of data and edited the text describing them.


1.2, text added about the principle of transcription as applied to a work.


1.2.2, added responsibility for work and renumbered sections below.


1.2.3 (formerly 1.2.2) expanded to include a number of different dates associated with the work.


1.2.5 (formerly 1.2.4) expanded to include a number of different places associated with the work., added original extent of work and renumbered sections below. (formerly expanded to include both aspect ratio and image format.


1.3, edited to add see reference to variant titles for expressions, title-manifestations, and serial titles, and added types of variant titles.


1.3.1, edited contains and contained by relationships to differentiate contained, contained and physically part of, and contained and located with; anthology modified and series removed.


1.3.2, added commissioner, illustrator, librettist, special effects designer, sound designer, teleplay writer; removed musician and vocalist (use instrumentalist and singer instead).


2.1, added rule to append performer and date of performance to musical expressions created by performance., expanded to include a number of different dates associated with the expression.


2.2.14, added detail to various kinds of language connected to expression.


2.3.1, added host and sound recording producer., added types of variant title for expression., added types of variant title for title-manifestations., added types of variant titles for serial titles.


5.3.3, added disc(s) (audio)


5.6.3 (formerly 5.4), standard numbers, moved to manifestation access section, and sections 5.5 to 5.7 renumbered.


5.6.3 (formerly 5.4), expanded on list of standard numbers to include ISBN, ISSN, publisher numbers (issue, matrix and plate), and universal product codes.


6, completely renumbered in order to move barcode, location, call number and copy number to access section.


13, edited to expand on the type of indexing required, including a new section on subset searching to accommodate pseudonyms and corporate name changes.


14, edited to expand on the types of displays required, including recommendations concerning subset display options and options for displaying expressions of a work.


Added examples 7-9.


March 18 version:


Most of the categories of serial title to serial title relationships at 4.1.3 were moved to work to work relationships at 1.3.1 (splits, mergers, etc.), leaving only continues and continued by.


March 13 version:


Added first edition, revised edition, 2nd, revised edition, 3rd, and revised edition [number] to 2.1.1


Renette Davis' suggested changes made, including changing 'serial title change' to 'serial title,' suggesting that dates be added to uniform titles even when not strictly necessary (in, renumbered to be, database added to 1.2.9, section 4.1.3 added, part of 2.3.5 moved to 2.2.18


February 29 version:


Section headings added to Introduction.


February 10-15, 2008 version:


Added a more explicit description of degression to the introduction to the rules.


Added a statement to the introduction clarifying the fact that these rules include recommendations concerning implementation and display decisions, but they could be used minus the recommended implementation and display decisions.


Worked on rules for music and rules for works of mixed authorship to allow those moving images that consist of a fixed camera recording of a musical performance to be considered expressions of a musical work.


Serial title change broken out from title-manifestation


Coding of instrumentation and voice for musical scores made more detailed in the model


Subject to subject relationship types added: material made of


Subject to place relationship types added:  current location of, location of event or activity, place of origin of, and jurisdiction


Place to place relationship added to link smaller places to larger places, and larger places to smaller places.


Place to work and expression relationships other than subject or creation relationships added to deal with venues for exhibitions and meetings, places in which theses were written and the like.


Discipline to work and genre/form to work relationships added.


Fictitious character and performing animal classes added. Creator to work relationship--fictitious character, and creator to work relationship--performing animal added.


Human-readable work identifier changed to require addition of principal creator (if applicable), rather than relying on display software to create name-title work identifiers.


Variant title/name(s) for entities in different languages, scripts and/or transliteration schemes added explicitly to model.  It is still unclear how to label one as the preferred form for a user who prefers access in that language, script and/or transliteration scheme.


Person or corporate body to title-manifestation and to serial title change relationships added (for publisher/distributor/broadcaster access at these entity levels).


Person or corporate body to item relationships added for owners or custodians.


Characteristics of an entity property added to encompass work, expression, title-manifestation, serial title change, manifestation and item descriptive elements.


URL for MARC Code List for Languages in XML added as range to all language data elements.  Unclear whether this could also be done for, e.g. human-readable entity identifiers in the LC authority file?


Original method of publication, distribution or broadcast added to work and expression levels.


Variant title for expression added to model.


Serial manifestation illustration statement added to model.


An attempt was made to use OWL to limit the linking of any expression to only one work.


Serial title change to serial title change relationships added to model for earlier and later title relationships.


Qualifiers for homonyms added to concept, object and place headings in model so that these can be coded to support better displays.


Beginning and ending dates for event or historical period as subject added as explicit data elements in the model.


Subject relationships clarified to allow subject-to-work relationships, subject-to-expression relationships, and subject-to-serial-title-change relationships.


Personal name categories added to model: clan name, forename, matronymic, middle name, nickname, patronymic and surname.  In addition, natural language order of name added to model.


Added four qualifier sorting elements in the hopes that this would allow the cataloger to control the addition of elements to an entity name to make it unique as well as control the display order of human-readable entity identifiers for multiple entities with the same name.


Added an entity characteristic described as portion of entity name that should display but not affect sorting order, to serve as the equivalent in the model of the markers for non-filing characters recently added to the MARC 21 format.